Exterior Renovations

As a one stop shop for exterior finishing, we can take any existing exterior finish and refinish it or completely remove
it and install something new. We can render over old brick and then acrylic for a new look at a low cost, or we can remove the bricks and replace with veneer stone. A lot of existing stucco’s can be plastered over and then covered with acrylic or we can take it all off and add new, including insulation and air barriers. We’ve replaced siding with stone and re-plastered existing stucco fronts for localized upgrades and we’ve done just straight refreshing over old stucco with new coats. It’s up the the imagination just how far you can go with it but if it involves the outside of your house, garage, shop or building we can do it. Acrylic stucco, soffit, fascia, eaves trough, metal cladding, cement and cellular siding, decorative shakes, high end wood grain panels, you name it, we can install it. Call Josh in Regina today at 1.306.737.2725