Acrylic Systems

Acrylic stucco can be made and applied in any colour. They keep their colour much better than a cement finish and are easily maintained with a pressure wash. Acrylic finishes are also much easier to paint over to change colour in the case that the 70’s colours stage a comeback;)

We offer three different acrylic finish options.

  • Textured Acrylic over 1/2 inch thick cement scratch coat
  • Floated Acrylic over 5/8 inch two coat pass of cement flat floated
  • Textured or floated Acrylic over 1-4″ insulating Styrofoam, also known as the EIFS (exterior insulation finish system)

Acrylics, especially over a foam base, provide great build-outs and accents as well. You can also mix and match acrylic and cement finishes to create feature walls and make windows or gables Pop.